Human Potential and Spiritual Evolution

Folks at Ingenium have a common affinity for

"Human Potential and Spiritual Evolution"

where we combine our highest aspirations of

creativity, personal growth, and interpersonal connection. 

All of our offerings are eclectic and non-religious. They strive to balance

deep introspection with a sense of lighthearted inspiration. 

See below for current activities and check back for future developments.

"Connection Games"

Connection Games integrates various social modalities to produce "spontaneous improvisational, relational art", and where "vulnerable courageous connection is the new norm".  Mihai Banulescu as well as other gifted leaders occasionally facilitate small, intimate gatherings geared towards building deep platonic bonds and growing community that feels like chosen family.  Check our MeetUP site!

Special Meditations at Ingenium

We often begin with soft music or a simple guided meditation, followed by silent Sitting. Yoga or another special activity is sometimes offered too. Join us after for relaxed personal sharing.  RSVP on our MeetUp site,

Meditation, Yoga & Movement Arts

Residents and guests are welcome to use the meditation space on their own during the day for sitting, yoga, and other movement or healing arts. 

Art, Nature & Spirit

Join us for a fun exploration of creating in the natural world.  Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, we'll engage together in film viewings, regional workshops, field trips and local collaborative pieces, both on the Inenium property and in the surrounding area.  Check on our MeetUp page and/or send us a message if this nature-play excites your interest.

Compassionate Communication & Cooperative Processing

Open to those who have taken a tour and would like to pursue residency. We meet once each month with Peter Cohen, certified Compassionate Communication (NVC) & consensus trainer. Usually held at his studio downtown Nevada City, but currently on Zoom.

Ingenium Expressions Image_edited.jpg

Ingenium Expressions

Dinner, Storytelling & Talent Night

Taking place a few times a year, this evening is about sharing wholesome food, enjoying good company, and celebrating creative passions of many kinds.  Show off your own unique 5 minutes of fame, or just come, relax and enjoy dinner and and the show. 

Join our MeetUp site for details.

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose