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Expressive Arts Village, CoHousing Community
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~ Jaspen's Page ~

 Jaspen Amodeo offers private consultations in both

Personal Growth and Community Living.

 She has a Bachelor's Degree from Smith College with a double major in both Education and Psychology, and holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch New England Graduate School since 1992. Jaspen enjoys special training in Barry and Joyce Vissell's "Living From The Heart", Marshall Rosenberg's "NVC/Compassionate Communication", and spiritual practices of various kinds. Jaspen is newly discovering the "Diamond Heart" approach to personal growth and spirituality, which she finds entirely delightful and inspiring. Jaspen's professional objective is in promoting preventative healing modality of "Positive Psychology", and she has special interests in "Authentic Relating", "Adult Attachment Theory", "Benevolent Leadership" and "Human Potential And Spiritual Evolution".  

Consultations are $130 per hour

and she offers a sliding scale rate for those in need. 

To schedule an appointment, contact Jaspen at

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Sign up for her new mini-retreat series:

 "Manifest Your Blessings" 

Four consecutive Saturdays, April 8 - 29, 2023

from 1 - 5 pm.

Combining deep introspection, personal connection, creative expression, and practices to expand our perception on what is possible.

We'll enjoy guided meditations and sharing from the heart during the entire series, plus each week will have a unique focus on things like the wisdom of nature, the magic of color, the comfort of fire, and the cleansing of water, all nurturing the body, mind, heart & soul.

Small intimate group of 8 - 10.

$108 for all four sessions.                      Register by Sunday, April 2nd. 

Email to find out more and to reserve your spot.

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Personal Growth

Jaspen offers private sessions geared towards

"Manifesting your personal potential and highest Self".

Her style is especially warm and compassionate as she reflects insightful feedback to her clients everyday concerns, and guides them towards realizing their own wisdom.  She works with individuals, couples, adults, adolescents, and elders, and has professional experience in the areas of relationship issues, life transitions, relieving stress, spiritual guidance, grief and bereavement, self concept and self esteem, sexuality, life visions and goals, prosperous livelihood and career coaching, crisis intervention, family conflict, depression, anxiety, addictions, parenting, youth, young adult, and elder support.

Conventional psychological / mental health training is based on the traditional medical model that sees clients, or "patients" as having an illness to be treated. Standard work of this type involves an authority figure administering a mental illness diagnosis - sometimes, even, when only minor concerns are presented.

Jaspen's work breaks away from this approach.  She holds a strong conviction that although her clients may be enduring personal hardships, sometimes on various levels at once, they are not flawed, "sick", or inferior in any way.

Instead of some type of defect needing to be fixed, Jaspen sees her clients inner states and external circumstances as vehicles that point towards specific elements of personal advancement. Her specialized orientation guides her clients towards emotional grounding, problem solving, heightened creativity, expanded perception, and advanced presence.  Jaspen uses the material that her clients bring as a means to fulfilling their highest aptitude, accessing their unique gifts, and growing into natural states of contented, joyful and healthy living.

Community Living

Jaspen is the founder, original sole owner and visionary of Ingenium Expressive Arts Village. In 2014 when her then teenage son was soon to embark on a life of his own, Jaspen, a single mother, sought a special place of belonging in the world.  After researching various progressive areas around the country, Jaspen, on a whim, decided to see what it would take to organize a unique living structure that would allow for several dwellings to be constructed somewhat close together but with ample privacy for all. One thing led to another and the property that is now Ingenium came to be. Jaspen's goal was to attract like-minded and like-hearted souls who share values of personal growth, relational vibrancy, creative expression and progressive ideals.

Jaspen is available to share her experience and explore your queries on starting one's own community from scratch including how to navigate county regulations, finding planning and construction support, design and land use perspectives, understanding effective outreach, holding realistic expectations on both material and interpersonal levels, proactively organizing conflict resolution procedures, and attracting and working with compatible residents.

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A Personal Note From Jaspen's Clients:

"Jaspen is deeply intuitive and brings a sense of higher purpose to our work together.  She is unlike other practitioners in how she relates her own experience to you.  Jaspen brings the spiritual and the practical together in such a way that I feel that I can bring all aspects of my being - spiritual, emotional, physical, mental - to her, and come away with a full picture, rather than just addressing one of these areas at a time.

I find that the times when I really go deep into heart work with Jaspen,

I get the most benefit.  She's there to hold the space, to keep me from falling into the depths of my heartache, and to accept it and to work through it as well. When we talk about the hard stuff - like breakups or parental relationships - she is there not only to listen and empathize, but to show me how these are part of the journey to a higher sense of being and a better place for my life.  Jaspen makes sure I see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when it feels like I'm in complete darkness at the moment.  Jaspen also brings her sense of humor to our sessions.  This makes things seem less serious sometimes."

~ Mary Anne


"I believe I am on the threshold of creative ferment and change.  

That's a good thing, and a frightening thing, I imagine, and a wonderous thing.  Thank you for sitting with me as this unfolds.  

My time with you has become essential for me to remain open to possibilities.  Your presence in my life is a reminder of who I am becoming as you point me in the direction that leads me inside once more.  My awareness of the moving of the Spirit in my life has become more acute, and therefore I feel more open and willing to go there.  These areas of awareness spill over into my everyday relationships, my work, my play, my being more mindful each day. So, thank you. Your gifts of wisdom, understanding and compassion are treasured."

~ Tina Heck


"I found Jaspen's "Attuning To The Heart" meditation class to be thoroughly enjoyable, informative, and substantive. The techniques I learned in this class I now use on a daily basis in my meditation practice, and it has made a difference in my life. 

                               I highly recommend this class"                                       

- Taryn Breen, student


"Jaspen's class helped me to slow down.  It was well balanced, warm, intimate, and heart opening."

- Johnna Garrido, yoga instructor, student


 "We are very, very happy Jaspen is offering her work to the world.

She practices, with utmost sincerity, what she preaches."
   ~ Barry and Joyce Vissell,

Authors of "The Heart's Wisdom", "Risk To Be Healed"

and "Meant To Be". 

Here's a snippet about Jaspen's work from way back in 2010:

Interview on Insight Directory's "Insightful Bits"

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose

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