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Welcome to the
~ Virtual Self-Guided Tour ~


How It Works:

1. Read through the website, especially the "FAQs" page; the "More About Our Vision" page, and the "More About Decision Making" page.

2. Carefully read through all the information on this page.

3. Watch each of the videos below.

4. If, after taking in all the info, you're still interested in becoming a candidate as a prospective member, download and fill out the "Preliminary Application" form and send it in,
along with any other information about yourself that you'd like to share:
pictures, stories, websites, etc.
Feel free to be creative. Help us get a good sense of who you are!

5. We will look through the Preliminary Applications and begin sending out invitations to a "Virtual Tea Party" that will take place over Zoom. 

Here you'll get to meet the current residents, engage in some fun activities,

and you'll have a chance to ask any questions that you may have.  

Those who are interested will then be invited to choose a host

and arrange for an in-person visit. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Vital Info:

Q: Which cabin will be available? Spill the deets. 

A: The "Crossroads Cabin" will be open starting in December.

You can see where it's located on the property on this map.

Q: What's the rent?

A: Rent will be $1,318 plus both personal utilities (propane, 

phone service) and common utilities which come to an

average of approximately $250 per month. Also, each resident

contributes 10 hours of service per month. 


Q: What are some of the most important things to know

about living at Ingenium?

A: Along with everything listed on the FAQs and other pages of this website, it's especially important to keep in mind that,

    1) We have a traditional landowner/tenant housing structure.

    2) There are cooperative-living responsibilities and a community culture that is affected by              each resident, so ongoing participation with both daily tasks and social activities is                          important.

    3) Residents' private endeavors are encouraged in conjunction with these first two constructs          being satisfied. 

Q: Do residents share meals together?

A: At this time meals that are shared happen either spontaneously or at special events.

Q: What are the main qualities that you look for in Ingenium members?


- Reliably fulfills their routine obligations with ease.

- Has generosity of spirit and a mutually supportive mindset as a natural way of being.

- Embodies the qualities of humility, introspection, vulnerability, emotional self-responsibility,

   curiosity, respect, and relating to others from a place of "heartfullness". 

- Shows fluency and ease in using "Compassionate Communication"/NVC, especially when           tensions arise. 

- Is instrumental in leadership, group cohesiveness and conflict resolution.

- Is sensitive to any divisive group dynamics and easily sets boundaries to curtail them, guiding     residents towards healthier, more supportive ways of relating.

-  Makes participation at group meetings a priority, and joins in on other activities often.

- Routinely visits and checks in with current landowners, and are helpful in working out                   decisions, issues and/or any changes desired. Actively finds ways to collaborate together.

- Regularly initiates creative projects and group events or gatherings.