Expressive Arts Village, CoHousing Community

Who Are The

~ Ingeneers ~

Meet some of the current residents here at Ingenium:


Jaspen - Founder, Landowner, Service Hour Coordinator.

Jaspen moved onto the property in 2016. She is the original visionary, developer and membership director. Her creative passions are making crazy colorful paintings, playing folksy ukulele, and writing very short stories. Her favorite part of the property is the far corner of the couch in the Common House - particularly during Talent Nights, Game Nights, and  Friday "Ladies Handmaid's Tale" Nights. She gives special attention to the conundrum of how to maintain the pond. Her personal specialty is making innovatively flavored organic home-made ice-cream.

She is a hard core INFJ. 

Do not wake her before 11. 

Jaspen offers consultations on both

Community Living and Personal Growth.

For details, visit her page Here.

Christi - Caretaker, Supermom.

Christi and her family came to us in 2018. Not only does she attend to our maintenance needs, she's the organic garden supervisor, tech specialist and mailwoman. She's a singer, an actor and a dancer; and  she plays the ukulele, crochets, sews, loves photography and writes when she manages to escape to her secret fairy land. Her favorite part of the property is the Pond Trail, and her special projects are the garden, chickens, and all things power, solar and otherwise.

Don't be surprised if you find Christi walking around on stilts.

We're all trying to figure out what can't this woman do??

Pro Tip: Just don't let the different foods on her plate mingle.

Christi is available for both

community and professional performance work.

Visit her page Here.

August & Nori-Kidlett Representatives.

School-aged August assists in carrying out the caretaker responsibilities daily and especially enjoys tasks involving liquid pigments. He lavishes his well-earned leisure time on the beach. Toddler Nori, our social intimacy specialist, is under the conviction that everyone's cabin is an extension of her own. Her favorite thing is greeting fellow residents as if she hasn't seen them in years.

August doesn't like people in costume

and Nori doesn't like worms.

Hunter - Caretaker, Volunteer Supervisor, Supermom Worshiper.

In 2018 Hunter arrived in his 1967 Greyhound Bus with his family in tow. He manages all 48 acres and each of the 7 structures, using his superpower skill to crack the various enigmas that occasionally arise here at Ingenium. Man of many creativities, Hunter writes music and poetry, plays guitar, mandolin, melodica and other instruments of varying obscurity, and he loves all things theater. He has discovered and adopted a new waterfall on the property and is transforming the area into yet another sweet spot on the land. He also crafted the world's best chicken tractor. He loves to cook, tinker, and is an excellent marksman. He might be found on his unicycle ardently chasing the stilt lady around the garden. Hunter loves dogwoods but hates rodents

and has an irrational fear of bats.  

Cedar-Resident, Part Time.

When not studying at Southern Oregon University or away on some wild wilderness escapade, Cedar comes right back to Ingenium, his home since 2016.  He is a fledgling abstract painter and creative builder. He loves to wander off the beaten path or climb the forest trees. His special contribution is graciously being

the all-around go-fer.  Cedar loves surfing, climbing, mountain biking

and adventure sports of many kinds,

and he leads a mean yoga/meditation session.

Pet Peeve: Too much homework.

Maile - Resident Extraordinaire.

Joining us with her family in the autumn of 2019, Maile is a graphic designer, visual artist, and loves to draw and make things. Currently, we are proudly showcasing her beautifully graceful yet understated environmental sculptures in our Common House.  Maile is fond of sitting in the morning sun in the meadow behind the Art Barn, following the play of light and shadow on the land. She is spearheading the replenishment of the living roof on our Earth Hut, and has been developing a deep connection with the beauty and ecology of our unique forested homestead. Maile has been an anti-nuclear activist, a homeless shelter advocate, a librarian and a maid, and she loves to devote quiet moments walking, listening,

learning from and attuning to ancient cultures.

Maile would not lose any sleep if, mysteriously, the sun rose on a world suddenly devoid of cilantro.   

Graham - Resident, All-Around Beloved Sapient Being.

Graham arrived collectively with Maile and Wilder in 2019. When moved by inspiration he enchants us with his poetry and classic Tea Ceremonies. He has a finely honed taste for photography and keen knowledge and appreciation for music of all genres.  He is having an entirely delightful bromance with what he entitled, "Hunter's Falls". Graham is working on an epic project for the "Creativity Trail".

He loves reading, movies, video games, DJ'ing and of course, immersing himself in nature.

Graham is not the happiest camper when

he runs out of room for books.

Wilder -Junior Resident.

Courageously and with an open heart, Wilder joined her family onto the land in 2019. She has talents in writing, singing, drawing and painting. Her favorite parts of Ingenium are her loft and the beautiful green forest down the hill, especially in springtime. Plus, she has a particular affinity for the wifi signal. One of Wilder's favorite volunteer  tasks is orchestrating our monthly "Movie Night". Wilder likes collecting pokemon cards, playing video games, and staying inside, especially and wisely, during global crises.

Wilder dislikes really hot days

and when her mother requires her to clean her room.

Brad Blurb Picture.jpg

Brad - Fledgling Ingeneer, Collaboration Enthusiast

Brad is our newest resident, joining us late August, 2020. 

He composes, performs and records music, and has a distinctive affinity for sacred traditions.  Brad’s favorite thing on the property is

“All the Water”: from the pond, to the creek, to the waterfall, to the spa, and don’t forget our utterly spellbinding irrigation systems. 

Brad says that he is a “pretty decent cook” and excitedly anticipates soliciting his fellow Ingeneers to volunteer as subjects for his personal recipes.  Brad appreciates “Authenticity” and values folks being true, honest and real; and he humbly asks to please not be rushed.

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose