There are several things you can do to get involved

depending on your interest level and readiness to join us.






1 - First, read through the following pages on this website:

"Knowing More About Our Vision"

"Knowing More About Decision Making"

"Knowing More About Membership"


the "FAQ's" page.


2 - Then, if you'd like to explore further,

 join our interactive FaceBook group 

and share your own posts, comments, questions and ideas.

and join our "MeetUp" group at

Through our FaceBook and MeetUp sites, you can keep track of

upcoming activities, gatherings,

special announcements and critical developments.

3 - When we have a cabin opening, sign up for one of our Virtual Tours

that will take place once or twice per month. 


Then, those who want to begin working towards residency

would take several steps.  These would include:

1 - Complete the NVC introductory video series: NVC Video


2 - Join a "Virtual Tea Party"

where we get to know each other on a deeper, more personal level.

These will be open to those who have attended a virtual tour

and completed the intro NVC video series.

3 - Come for a site visit, where you will see the property, any upcoming rental cabins,

visit residents who are present and available at the time,

meet the founder, ask any questions

and begin your service hours with a 30 minute task.

4 - Continue day visits and completing service hour tasks.

Prospective residents are required to complete 10 hours of service before moving on to the land.

These can be completed at your own pace, in a matter of weeks or within a few months.

5 - Work towards the completion of  the "Get Started with Nonviolent Communication"

course or the "Living NVC" course at this link: NVC Training;

or another significant NVC training modality.

6 - Begin sitting in on Resident's Meetings and Cooperative Processing Sessions,

and joining in on social gatherings here on the land.

7 - Stay for a two-night visit! *

8 - Organize a special event or project

9 - Stay for a week-long immersion.**

10 - Ask for a formal application.***

11-Optional: Read Diana Leafe Christian's book entitled,

"Creating A Life Together"

(Optional for renters but required for seasoned members

who wish to pursue a long-term lease or Land Partnership)

Available on Amazon.

*At least four hours of volunteer service must be completed before your initial overnight stay.

**Completion of the 30 day NVC training or another significant NVC training modality are required before your week long immersion.

*** 10 hours of volunteer service and your special event or project

must be completed before applications are approved.

Upon application approval, rental deposits & security will be collected, contracts will be signed,

and your residency can begin.

Welcome to Ingenium!









Getting Involved

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose