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Expressive Arts Village, Artist Cohousing

~ Ingenium Expressive Arts Village ~


Ingenium: in-JEHN-ee-um; Latin, noun.

Talent, innate nature; intelligence, or natural capacity.  

Think of the word, "Ingenuity".  

 Ingenium is a small, innovative residential village

where kindred spirits share their talents and passions,

and inspire each other to cultivate their healthiest, most creative selves. 

We are on 48 acres, just a few miles from beautiful Nevada City, California.



Expressive Arts Village, Cohousing Community

Imagine This:


Expressive Arts Village, Artists Cohousing Community

In a semi-rural setting, just a short drive or bike-ride to your favorite coffee shop and Saturday grower's-market, the weather is fair, like most of the year, but all four seasons call us out to play. 


You awaken to the sounds of alto sax echoing on the water.  The sun, filtering through Pine trees and Cedars, lures you to your morning walk down the shaded forest path to the creekside.


Once past the falls, you slowly emerge up the rocky bank just in time to see the resident geese wade through the cat-tails among the shimmering pond.

The Land

The Lifestyle

The Possibilities

The People

Expressive Arts Village, Artist Cohousing Community
Expressive Arts Village, Artists Cohousing Community

You further journey towards the garden where that grizzly old fellow in the torn orveralls with cracked, working hands will later be heard by the campfire, his soothing deep voice lulling the children with his latest tales.


The leader of last week's meeting who gently prompted everyone's best ideas is heading towards the common house with unembarrassed splotches of color adorning his jeans, testimony to the new canvas he's been compelled with.


Just outside the main log-house two jugglers toss seven ripe peaches over the newly planted zinnias. They're serenaded by that sax, now joined by cello and guitar.

The aroma of hot pancakes draws you closer in, and your delight is piqued when you see a sumptuous breakfast set out, inviting each friend to converge together to welcome the day. 

There is  plenty of space to enjoy solitude in nature, yet we're close enough together to keep good company.


We are completely taken away from our busy minds through friendly connection and cooperative projects which open us to our most authentic selves. Mutual inspiration is spontaneous and common, and there is often a sense of excitement in the air. 


We are held, we are moved, the deeper parts of us are seen by friends we are coming to love.  Thoughts that hinder us slip away as new meaning comes to being alive.  And underlying all this we have come to know what it is to truly be at home.

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose

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